Leonie has been a part of the Crystal Wave journey for several years and is a wonderful practitioner and reader. Focusing on Past Life Regression Leonie recieves very positive feedback with word of mouth referals being her best form ofadvertisng.

As a Practitioner of Past Life Regression for 20 years I have been blessed to witness the stories and transformations of some very special people.

Regression is a form of therapy used to reveal and release irrational behaviours and or fears.

It allows us to identify potential causes not readily accessed through light meditation, rather one must be led into a deeper hypnotic state.

Discovering prior identities, male or female, young and old, rich and poor affords us the opportunity to experience many lives in many ways.

We can understand and accept our current behaviour as these roles are resolved in the past and left behind.

Past life regression allows us to heal from our narrative and live a fuller more present life.

Death is just the beginning of another adventure.




Everything was meaningful for me.

I can’t believe how right it was, all things were exactly where I am at the moment, past was spot on…..The future is what I make it !!


Leonie was succinct and very straight forward. Extremely relevant to the present and gave me good advice when looking to the future. If you want an “airy fairy “experience, Leonie is not the one for you. Really enjoyable and applicable.


I feel I got confirmation and clarity from my reading. It was surprising to see certain things come up in this reading which have come up before in prior readings…       Maybe its time I started listening.


Today was my first reading. I came with no expectations and really just came for some guidance about my life and would take it from there.

Leonie touched on the things in my life which were very true. I could not believe just how the reading helped me to open my mind and help me be stronger. I will come back for another reading. The questions I brought with me-I know I am the only one who can answer them-but this has definitely helped me with what I should do.


Todays reading was great feedback in what I needed to hear, as a reader myself it was great confirmation. You nailed it girl!

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