Rebecca Campbell creator of The Starseed Oracle.

is a transformational writer, speaker and podcaster supporting people to connect with the wisdom within.


hi, I’m gabby

I’ll help you manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams



Author. Teacher. Kundalini Guide.


Experience The World Of  Akiane...

A Visionary and Spiritual Artist penetrating and revealing the mysteries of the unknown with unsurpassed emotion and realism.

Abraham Channelings Esther & Jerry Hicks


Angela McGerr- Beautiful Angel Cards & Books -English Author

Animal Dreaming Scott Alexander King Australian author

Blossom Goodchild Channels White Cloud, a native American spirit energy

Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch


Debbie Ford author Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Diamond Light a 6 minute Meditation

Diana Cooper-metaphysical author, angels & ascension

Don Tolman

If you are interested infood,Don Tolman has some really interesting things to say about the power of food, the spirituality of food.

Dr Wayne Dyer- Great articles from ametaphysical master

Great Mystery WebsiteCrop Circles & Sacred Space

some really interesting information on the Great Mystery Website

Gregg Braden Fractal Time

Lillian TooFeng Shui

Louise Hay

Louise L. Hay is also known as one of thefounders of the self-help movement. Her first book, Heal Your Body was published in 1976, long before it was fashionable to discuss the connection between the mind and body.


Lucy Cavendish author of Lost Lands the story of Atlantis & Lemuria

Lynn V. Andrews Shaman Medicine Woman

enter a cosmology of mystery magic & power with Lynn Andrews

Mayan Astrology - find out your Mayan Signs

Mayan Prophecy

fantastic website with new Crop Circles & lots of Mayan Information re 2012

Patricia Cori Sirian Revelations

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Patricia has anewsletter & lots of energy information that she shares on the website & by email

Sonia Choquette author of the new The Answer is Simple Oracle

Sylvia Browne spiritual teacher, author & psychic

The Love Foundation

Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally! has been running since October 2000 with the aim of building and sharing information about minerals, their properties and where they are found.

It is now the world's largest public database of mineral information with an army of worldwide volunteers adding and verifying new information daily.

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