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Mystic Blooms Floristry was born from a passion of creativity, and sharing the magic of flowers with others. We believe that flowers are an extension of love; whether it's by sending a bouquet to a loved one, or by the flowers you choose to carry down the isle on your special day, flowers tell a story and carry an air of ethereal beauty that is only found in nature.

?Our floral arrangements are whimsical, unique and can be suited to any occasion you have. With our love for native flowers as well as dainty pastels and striking classics, we can work with you to create the floral creation of your dreams.

Every arrangement we make is made with love. We pay special attention to every event, order and booking, and prioritise quality and longevity so you get the best out of your flowers. Nature does not rush its design process, and neither do we.

?Something that is very important to the team here at Mystic Blooms is connection with community. We emphasise this in our workshops, through our relationships with suppliers, and most importantly with our customers.


Mystic Blooms Floristry


Contact: 0428 888 295


Instagram: @mysticbloomsfloristry




My name is Melanie Xavier.  Thank you for arriving here.  It is time to stand in front of your fear… it’s time for you to find your voice.  I am here to sit with you, guide you, provide safety, nurture and honour you, until you can honour yourself.   When you love yourself enough, you will no longer need things or people, to make yourself feel safe. \

It’s hard not to feel disillusioned with how critical we are on ourselves.  Life can be tough! We are either not attractive enough, not smart enough, not cool enough, not earning enough, not creative enough, not skinny enough, not sexy enough, not doing enough……this constant chatter in our minds, is disconnecting us from our hearts.  This competition we have with ourselves and with one another, the labels we give ourselves…... While we are stuck in this cycle of pain, criticism, shame and fear, the darkness will continue.  My message is simple, you are enough.  

Who is Mel……


The search for who I am began over 15 years ago and has landed me right here.  I wanted my insides to match my outsides. During this time, I explored many modalities including Psychology, Psychotherapy, Buddhism, Body-Centred Therapies, Past life healing, Hypnosis, and have been to my fair share of psychics until finally I landed at Family Therapy.  Phew- that’s a lot! The endless pursuit to find my authentic self….

My labels…..

I am conscious one.  I am a Clinical Family Therapist specialising in Systemic Practice. 

My passion is Adolescent and Men’s Mental Health, and it is my dream to travel around Australia working with Indigenous Communities.

I believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that if you don’t deal with your stuff, it will deal with you.  Be brave.

Contact me directly for appointment times and availability Ph: 0418 817 112




Michael Sorgiovanni is an intuitive empowerment coach. With over 10 years in the self-development field Michael has studied, utilised and tested many types of modalities. He has developed processes that achieve rapid results in personal change and assists individuals to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Michael’s coaching and healing practices are driven by a holistic approach that he has field-tested personally and are specifically designed to be universal and appropriate for individuals of all backgrounds. He has helped everyone from business owners, corporate executives, individuals that are experiencing depression, anxiety or any other limiting circumstances.

“The key to self-transformation,” says Michael, “is to simply take action, if you feel there is a problem then there is a solution, everything in this world has an opposite to it and when you find that opposite and become more of it - everything changes. Most people are simply unsure where to begin.”

Michael forges a genuine bond with his clientele, an understanding that stems from his own early battles with coping, depression and anxiety. Michael spent most of his younger years confused and down, as the treatments he received from doctors and psychologists were not working. After years of the same cycles with no change, Michael then hit a breaking point which put him on his path to seek holistic and alternative therapies. These holistic approaches allowed Michael to make the greatest decision – to look at his challenges as gifts and found a spiritual mentor that helped him transform them.

 “I don’t believe anyone should be burdened with problems that overweigh all the greatness they have within. I believe everyone deserves to live a life filled with love and passion, and to have a clear direction and purpose in life. It is my life’s work to make this a reality for people that have had enough of feeling down and lost like I did years ago.”

Michael works at a deep unconscious level with people. He is a ‘work-with’ practitioner not a ‘do-to’ practitioner, meaning everything that happens on the journey is done together. Michael’s goal together with you, is to awaken the healer within and empower you to take control of your life. He uses a various range of tools and interventions to release negative emotions, old patterns and programming from the past, to then create the future you deserve!


Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified NLP Master Coach

Certified Master of Time Line Therapy© Practitioner

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Quantum Huna Practitioner

Reiki & Rieki Seichim healer

Spiritual Healer & Wellbeing Coach

For further information please visit


 Or call Michael on 0415 350 548



“Shinrin Yoku” is a Japanese phrase that translates to forest bathing, or spending time in nature to heal your mind, body & soul. Not only does the phrase derive from the same place Reiki originates, it has many shared physiological and psychological effects; hence why I chose this phrase as the name for my business.

Before offering Reiki healings, I did tarot & oracle readings. I have been collecting decks of cards for years, as one woman can never have quite enough, you see. I originally used them in my own meditation practice, and eventually branched out to doing readings for friends and family. It took some time for me to discover the purpose for my readings; and that is to provide guidance from spirit to assist you in the present moment. While information of the future can be exciting, I believe focusing on the present moment offers more grounded and practical guidance for my clients. The decisions and actions you make today create your future, and that is what my readings help you with.


I have completed my certification in Holistic Counselling and am currently continuing on with my diploma. Holistic counselling looks at a person as whole; mind, body and spirit. With unique methods this style of counselling aims to increase awareness of the self, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and provide a path forward that focuses on achieving optimal health.

I am an accredited Meditation teacher and believe everyone can benefit from practising! There are so many different styles of meditation which is fantastic, that means there’s a style out there that works for everyone. I think every single one of my clients has received the talk about mediation, and you most likely will too! Some of the benefits you can expect from meditation are increased self-awareness, reduced negative emotions such as depression and anxiety, increased patience and reduced blood pressure. With meditation you can learn to calm your mind, helping you to look at the world in a fresh perspective.

?For now I am excited to offer Reiki & Readings, and in the near future will be holding workshops for stress management, meditation, energy work & much more. As for Holistic Counselling, I incorporate many aspects of this into all of my readings, but do hold one on one sessions with clients who are interested.


Shinrin Yoku Healing

Contact: 0428 888 295

Instagram: @shinrinyokuhealing

Spiritual Biz Club with Nereeda McInnes

 The Spiritual Biz Club is a supportive program + membership for your spiritual business or mission-based project designed to get you clear on your people, processes, online presence (+ more!) so you can show up fully and serve the people who need you most.


Right now, as many are forced to stop and reassess their lives; and as the veil begins to lift...

 The call to step into your power is only getting louder.

 And that mission of yours, that drive to do all you can to help others and play your part in raising the vibration of the planet, is beating so strong you can’t ignore it if you tried (not that you want to of course!)

 If you are a…


  • spiritual healer
  • wayshower
  • energy worker
  • spiritual practitioner
  • psychic/medium/spiritual counsellor
  • person with a mission-based project or business you want to birth or expand (be it your book, blog, community project, or similar)

 Spiritual Biz Club is for you!

 This is your time.

 Your services.

  • Your gifts.
  • Your wisdom.

 They are needed now, more than ever.

 Find out more about the Spiritual Biz Club at:



Adelaide Naturopath Peter Farnsworth

Phone 0438 584 123

Naturopathic consultations are  designed to capture an overall picture of your health and find out what are the causes to your imbalances. Diagnostic  methods  may include use of Medical  pulse diagnosis , tongue , eye , ears and nail analysis .  A  customised treatment plan and report  will be recommended for your condition which generally includes a Herbal and Nutritional Prescription/ or advice. The use of Pro-active Therapies to enhance Healing such as Massage,Acupressure  or Foot Reflexology may be recommended if useful for your condition.

Massage/Reflexology: These visits are separate from Naturopathic consultations as the focus is different and are considered external touch therapies.   However, clients who have had an Initial Naturopathic consult and then are prescribed massage /reflexology/acupressure  programs  will receive special rates. Naturopathic or Nutritional  Reviews can take place during those consultations.



Soul Connections with Suzie

A little about Suzie Gibbs

Soul Connections with Suzie offers you Intrinsic Insights to help you Live, Laugh & Love through a spiritual connection with self.

Spiritual Channeler- Suzie has two entities that channel through her, giving insightful messages to help you on your life path in a positive way. Her messages to her clients give clients the best course of action going forward, up to them if they take it on board!

Psychic Medium - receives messages from passed loved ones, Guides and Angels and other entities to help you on your life journey.

Soul Reader - uncover your soul’s purpose and path in this lifetime to enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Tarot Reading - an intuitive reading using Tarot cards to help with your direction in life.

Life Counselling-  This can be one on one, family or couples on a variety of subjects. From nurturing children and adults on their spiritual discovery and progress.  Relationship counselling on life balance to move through their lives together in a happy healthy relationship as a qualified financial adviser a little advice on spending and saving management is available. ( no financial investment advice will be given)

 Past-Life Regression - unlock the reasons why certain personal attributes have followed you into this life; a gentle therapy to help you live the life you wish to live; helps the understanding of recurring dreams, overcoming addictions and can stabilise the mind.

Pellowah Healing  - works on a cellular level as a non-invasive modality leaving the client’s body feeling ‘spring-cleaned’. This is a non-contact healing.

Spiritual Healing- Suzie can channel many healers from the other dimensions to align your charkras and rid the body of any energies that are not for your higher good. Suzie has rid clients of negative aspects of their life such as addictions and negative energies influencing their life and actions.

Intuitive Teaching - discover and develop your intuitive skills through an 8-session course held on a weekly group basis or a full day workshop.

 Plus other spiritual workshops adhoc.

Hypnotherapy - helps to overcome addictive behaviour such as smoking and assists in adherence to self-help activities such as dieting.

Kenetic shift Practitioner.  This modality is ideally suited for those suffering Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

House clearing- Often a house energy feels stuck, dense and a feeling that there is someone there. Or odd things seem to be happening, doors banging, things being moved or behaviour of people living the house changing not for the better. Suzie can clear the energy bringing the home space back to a positive vibration.

Contact Suzie on 0409677056





Meet Mope. Maker of Wands.Healing Wands  If you are about to become the proud owner of one of my healing wands, there are a couple of things I would like to point out. 1. Firstly, don’t wave it around like Harry Potter. There is a clear quartz crystal set into the front which is quite capable of causing damage to chakras if waved around haphazardly. Use this Healing Wand with care!  2. Talk to the it, hold it in front of you with both hands, pointing it sideways. Point the wand to Father Sky, then to Mother Earth and then to the four directions starting from the East, asking Father Sky, Mother Earth and the ancestors from the four directions to come in and work with you. The wand will respond to emotion. It can be pointed “Carefully” at an area on a subject requiring healing. This a powerful tool for use in a healing sequence. Be guided by your feelings, not your thoughts.  3. The wands are made from wood sourced mainly from the Flinders Ranges (Native pine.) I also use River red Gum sourced locally near Strathalbyn along with Huon pine sourced from a mill in Strahan Tasmania! (Huon Pine logs are sourced from flooded valleys and from fallen timber, as it takes 1000’s of years to grow to maturity and is not permitted to be logged.) I also make a small amount from American “Oregon” timber sourced from a local Timber mill.  AHO  Regards Mope’


If you are reading this, you have some interest in obtaining a wand!


Well, you can’t obtain an Ollivander, nor can you obtain one from Gregorovich and the Elder Wand isn’t available, where does that leave you? Well, Mope’ (pronounced Mopay) of Adelaide is a wand maker, specialising in healing wands.


A healer and medium with over 30 years of experience working from Nairne, I make a variety of wands, tailored to the user’s requirements. Each wand takes up to 10 produce, hand crafted in my workshop, not mass produced! Tailored from your choice of Native Pine, Red Gum, Huon pine, Oregon and Blackwood. The wands have your choice of a clear quartz crystal or not, mounted on the point with a hand-tooled leather grip, again in your choice of colour.


Prices on application starting at $100, feel free to message me at


Kind regards





Northern Suburbs

Hi I'm Christine Weir

I've been doing Tarot are readings now for over 30yrs.

 and love the connection this brings into conciousness.

I have also Started doing a workshop for Beginers Tarot Card readings.

Cost of a reading is $50 which takes about 30 to 45 minutes sometimes I do abit of Medium if a person comes through during the reading.

If interested you can contact me on 0410480448 or e mail me at

Crystal Wave supports our customers who are also healers etc. We offer this service as a referral only & accept no liability as to the service they offer

Crystal Wave

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We are open 7 days a week

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