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Patricia @ 681 Grange Rd Tuesday & Thursday

Patricia Farnsworth (D.R.M. RCST) is one of the most qualified practitioners and teachers in Australia in Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. She is unique in having qualifications in Remedial Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and Advanced Musculoskeletal Therapy (Craniosacral specialisation).

Patricia is a registered Craniosacral Therapist with the Craniosacral Therapy Association of Australia – She is a member of ATMS, (Australia's largest natural therapy association), is WorkCover approved, and Health fund accredited. Patricia's specialities include treating TMJ (jaw problems) and Pediatrics.

Given the range of Patricia's skills and experience with over 20 years as a Remedial Therapist many people with different types of problems and conditions can benefit from her sessions. Such conditions range from the acute to the chronic, and from the structural to the energetic.

Patricia is a sensitive, caring practitioner who treats many difficult cases and is referred to by many health professionals. Her approach to treatment is to create a safe space, and work deeply yet gently with the body. Healing is promoted rather than forced, and the individual is invited to participate in their own healing process.

Adelaide Naturopath Peter Farnsworth

681 Grange Rd. Grange SA 5022
Phone 0438 584 123

Consulting Hours:
– Tuesdays   8-11 am   (the last appointment at 11 am)
– Thursdays  8-11 am &  4-6 pm (last appointment at 6 pm)

Other times by appointment / or home visit

Naturopathic consultations are  designed to capture an overall picture of your health and find out what are the causes to your imbalances. Diagnostic  methods  may include use of Medical  pulse diagnosis , tongue , eye , ears and nail analysis .  A  customised treatment plan and report  will be recommended for your condition which generally includes a Herbal and Nutritional Prescription/ or advice. The use of Pro-active Therapies to enhance Healing such as Massage,Acupressure  or Foot Reflexology may be recommended if useful for your condition.

Massage/Reflexology: These visits are separate from Naturopathic consultations as the focus is different and are considered external touch therapies.   However, clients who have had an Initial Naturopathic consult and then are prescribed massage /reflexology/acupressure  programs  will receive special rates. Naturopathic or Nutritional  Reviews can take place during those consultations.


Spiritual Biz Club with Nereeda McInnes

 The Spiritual Biz Club is a supportive program + membership for your spiritual business or mission-based project designed to get you clear on your people, processes, online presence (+ more!) so you can show up fully and serve the people who need you most.


Right now, as many are forced to stop and reassess their lives; and as the veil begins to lift...

 The call to step into your power is only getting louder.

 And that mission of yours, that drive to do all you can to help others and play your part in raising the vibration of the planet, is beating so strong you can’t ignore it if you tried (not that you want to of course!)

 If you are a…


  • spiritual healer
  • wayshower
  • energy worker
  • spiritual practitioner
  • psychic/medium/spiritual counsellor
  • person with a mission-based project or business you want to birth or expand (be it your book, blog, community project, or similar)

 Spiritual Biz Club is for you!

 This is your time.

 Your services.

  • Your gifts.
  • Your wisdom.

 They are needed now, more than ever.

 Find out more about the Spiritual Biz Club at:

Crystal Wave supports our customers who are also healers etc. We offer this service as a referral only & accept no liability as to the service they offer

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