Phoenix Mobile Automotive Detailing is a complete mobile automotive detailing service! 

 With over 10 years of professional experience in the auto detailing industry, we are trusted by our clients to provide quality care at affordable rates.

 Phoenix Mobile Automotive Detailing is a specialist in premium pre-sale detailing and premium automotive detailing – interior & exterior detailing, platinum pre-sale automotive detailing, marine boats and motorbikes. We are also specialists in wheelchair detailing.

Phoenix Mobile Automotive Detailing only uses the highest quality polish and cleaning products that are 100% environmentally friendly.

Contact us today. We want to work with you to restore your prized possession and enhance your driving experience. 

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Meet Mope. Maker of Wands.Healing Wands  If you are about to become the proud owner of one of my healing wands, there are a couple of things I would like to point out. 1. Firstly, don’t wave it around like Harry Potter. There is a clear quartz crystal set into the front which is quite capable of causing damage to chakras if waved around haphazardly. Use this Healing Wand with care!  2. Talk to the it, hold it in front of you with both hands, pointing it sideways. Point the wand to Father Sky, then to Mother Earth and then to the four directions starting from the East, asking Father Sky, Mother Earth and the ancestors from the four directions to come in and work with you. The wand will respond to emotion. It can be pointed “Carefully” at an area on a subject requiring healing. This a powerful tool for use in a healing sequence. Be guided by your feelings, not your thoughts.  3. The wands are made from wood sourced mainly from the Flinders Ranges (Native pine.) I also use River red Gum sourced locally near Strathalbyn along with Huon pine sourced from a mill in Strahan Tasmania! (Huon Pine logs are sourced from flooded valleys and from fallen timber, as it takes 1000’s of years to grow to maturity and is not permitted to be logged.) I also make a small amount from American “Oregon” timber sourced from a local Timber mill.  AHO  Regards Mope’


If you are reading this, you have some interest in obtaining a wand!

 Well, you can’t obtain an Ollivander, nor can you obtain one from Gregorovich and the Elder Wand isn’t available, where does that leave you? Well, Mope’ (pronounced Mopay) of Adelaide is a wand maker, specialising in healing wands.

 A healer and medium with over 30 years of experience working from Nairne, I make a variety of wands, tailored to the user’s requirements. Each wand takes up to 10 produce, hand crafted in my workshop, not mass produced! Tailored from your choice of Native Pine, Red Gum, Huon pine, Oregon and Blackwood. The wands have your choice of a clear quartz crystal or not, mounted on the point with a hand-tooled leather grip, again in your choice of colour.

 Prices on application starting at $100, feel free to message me at

 Kind regards




Crystal Wave

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