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Patti Worcester Naturopath

Alternative & Holistic Health Phone: 0433628788

Patti Worcester specialises in diet and nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices for children and young adults, sports recovery and general maintenance.

The Crystal Wave is happy to promote Patti as a Naturopath & Herbalist. Patti's knowledge base is massive having studied not only in the UK but many parts of the world. We trust Patti with our personal health and promote her unconditionally.

Patti works from 681a Grange road Beach side of Crystal Wave


Graceful Dying

Helen, End of Life Guide

Death is a profound human experience, it is an experience we will all share. 

As an End of Life Guide, I provide service and support to the dying and their families.
Most o
f us are scared of dying, because it is unknown and we don’t know what to expect.
I can help ease fear and bring love and compassion to a situation that can be fraught with uncertainty. I strongly believe in putting the power of choice back in the hands of the individual and the family. 

I can help individuals, families and communities create a sense of ease and peace of mind about end of life wishes through discussion, information, empowerment, and connection.

Information and planning are key, talking with family and friends to be prepared and useful when death comes. Ensuring the appropriate paperwork in place, an Advance Care Directive, a will and a funeral plan. The first steps are simple, whether you take them on your own, or work with a support person. You can make a plan and get on living your life to the full for as long as that maybe. I think it important to mention that things may change quickly and require a different course of action which may be difficult to manage at an emotional time.

Contact Helen
m: 0412 117 560




 Would you like to transform your life,
do you need a change for the better?


Crystal Wave supports our customers who are also healers etc. We offer this service as a referral only & accept no liability as to the service they offer

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