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Patti Worcester Naturopath

Alternative & Holistic Health Phone: 0433628788

Patti Worcester specialises in diet and nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices for children and young adults, sports recovery and general maintenance.

The Crystal Wave is happy to promote Patti as a Naturopath & Herbalist. Patti's knowledge base is massive having studied not only in the UK but many parts of the world. We trust Patti with our personal health and promote her unconditionally.

Patti works from 681a Grange road Beach side of Crystal Wave


Graceful Dying

Helen, End of Life Guide

Death is a profound human experience, it is an experience we will all share. 

As an End of Life Guide, I provide service and support to the dying and their families.
Most o
f us are scared of dying, because it is unknown and we don’t know what to expect.
I can help ease fear and bring love and compassion to a situation that can be fraught with uncertainty. I strongly believe in putting the power of choice back in the hands of the individual and the family. 

I can help individuals, families and communities create a sense of ease and peace of mind about end of life wishes through discussion, information, empowerment, and connection.

Information and planning are key, talking with family and friends to be prepared and useful when death comes. Ensuring the appropriate paperwork in place, an Advance Care Directive, a will and a funeral plan. The first steps are simple, whether you take them on your own, or work with a support person. You can make a plan and get on living your life to the full for as long as that maybe. I think it important to mention that things may change quickly and require a different course of action which may be difficult to manage at an emotional time.

Contact Helen
m: 0412 117 560




 Would you like to transform your life,
do you need a change for the better?



Hi my name is Kiana and I have recently commenced a business in the Western suburbs called Pawprints On My Heart which supports those living alone through the grief and loss of their fur baby.

If you live alone and are preparing to say  “goodbye” to your pet or if your pet has already crossed over, you may be feeling very alone in the world.  

Losing my beautiful Krystal after 16 years and walking the path alone was one of the loneliest journeys I had taken and it was through this experience and the lack of support I was able to find that I decided to commence a heart based business which would support those living alone through the grief and loss and of their beloved pet. 

I have walked the road alone and know the courage it takes to make the decision to say “goodbye” and know how difficult it can be to continue our lives without them. To a single person, our pets can be like our children, they are our companions and sometimes even a lifesaver so when they leave our side it can be as traumatic as when a fellow human being leaves our lives, and often they fill our lives in a way no human can.

Acknowledging your grief is an important part of being able to move on and the stages of grief and mourning are unique to the individual who is coping with the loss.  I am not a grief counsellor but a soul who has walked this journey alone and want to provide you with a safe, respectful and compassionate space where you can share your personal story without judgement as we walk this journey to healing together.

I welcome you to visit my website to learn more about my journey and if you feel I can support you during this time, please contact me through the website, email or mobile:



Nick Schriever - Consciousness Expansion Trainer






Nick is the owner operator of his business Pierian Spring Unified Training.  Whereby he assists:

People to live empowered lives, free from depression and anxiety. (without medication).  And

Provides Lightbody and Ascension Training for those that are experiencing an awakening in consciousness & perhaps not sure what to expect & how to cope.

At nearly 39 years of age, Nick has spent over 20 years making sense of this Earthly Plane and others that are effected by it.  He also struggled with undiagnosed depression and anxiety for years and never wanted to go the way of mind numbing medication.  Through a combination of reading and studying more than 200 rare and ancient mystical texts, exploring the depths and reasons of his own seemingly 'strange' and hard to explain experiences and sitting at the feet of various spiritual teachers - he has gradually put the pieces together to better understand and heal himself.   And so now he is able to help others to understand and heal themselves.  He has developed a 22 week Unified training Program.  

The first 3 levels of the training is the 9 week program designed for beating depression and anxiety.  Then if clients wish they can choose to progress to the level 4 of the training which focuses more on the unfolding/awakening of consciousness (they will need to pass a short threshold test and pay an additional fee) and then at the end of level 4 clients that feel inclined may progress to the final level of the training, level 5 (level 5 also involves a short threshold test and an additional fee).  He does not profess to possess all truth, but rather considers that he has somewhat of a 'good understanding' that can add value to the journey of others.  Nick is an experienced veteran and his hearts mission is to aid and assist those that are struggling with the challenges of making sense of the overlap of the 3 worlds - Physical, Astral and Mental planes.  

The name Pierian Spring comes from ancient Greek mythology; whenever the Pegasus hoof struck upon the Earth, a beautiful Spring of Knowledge and Inspiration would rise from the ground - one such spring was called the Pierian Spring.

Crystal Wave supports our customers who are also healers etc. We offer this service as a referral only & accept no liability as to the service they offer

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