Hippies in the city Book - Natural urban remedies

Through keeping ancient knowledge and wisdom alive, Hippies in the City – Natural Urban Remedies aims to contribute to the elevation of the individual’s consciousness and ultimately, the consciousness of humanity. A sacred manual of recipes and remedies for food, body and spirit. A user’s guide that very much delves into exploring historical healing systems and tribal traditions, the book covers everything you need to know about food and nutrition, holistic living and using herbal medicines to improve and maintain ample health.

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act, this is called the “mind and body connection”. More recently, scientists and health professionals have found that behavioural disorders, depression, stress and spiritual disconnection have a strong link to our physical health. This book creatively demonstrates how to integrate mind-body medicine: aromatherapy, nutrition, and other natural therapies into your daily life in order to manage stress and anxiety. In a world where everyone wants to be happy and free, I wanted to a person’s performance; professionally, creatively, tangibly, intellectually and spiritually. Expect to feel inspired and empowered in taking steps towards incorporating a more holistic lifestyle, discovering how to take control of your discover in these pages a resourceful program for better health, for yourself vitality.


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