The Acmos Method


The ACMOS Method measures, analyses and optimises the different fields & circuits of electro-magnetic energy within the human body. These measurements give precise information of the cells within the body which constitute the body in three dimensions: physical, emotional and psychological.It enables the identification of different levels within the body, their energy imbalance which can lead to energetic disorders and disease.

It Measures the three electro-magnetic fields: the  "vibratory " field, the "centripetal" field (Earth connection), and the "centrifugal" field(Cosmic connection). The measurement of these fields is carried out, using the ACMOS Lecher Antenna, developed by René Naccachian. It also measures the energetic potential of each organic circuit and of the body’s metabolism. This evaluation enables the identification of energetic blockages that are then normalised and optimised. This frees the circulation of energy to the body’s organs, which are not receiving their necessary optimum nutritional elements and are consequentially degenerating.

THE ACMOS ENERGETIC BALANCE The personal and global balance of an individual is measured with great precision. Each individual is unique and when symptoms of an illness appear, they are the result of that individuals hereditary predisposition. That is the result of suffering physical or psychological shocks, that have not been cleared and removed, or properly regulated within the body. It is highly important during an ACMOS energetic balance to precisely consider causal factors attributable to an individuals illness.

Prevention An energetic balance undertaken periodically according to the needs of the individual serves as a form of preventative maintenance that reveals energetic imbalances, and thus allows for the correction of disturbances within the body’s energy fields before they develop into symptomatic illness. By strengthening the body energetically, the body is better able to both face and cope with the diverse aggression with which it is faced. It can enable the early detection of the presence of a dysfunction that may well be invisible to traditional specialist imaging equipment, thus allowing a much less invasive and traumatic treatment

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