Jamie Scanlon

Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017

I prefer not to call myself anything other than Jamie, but if I had to go with one label, I would call myself a story teller. I stepped out of 8 years in the public service to spread my wings and explore my passions in life, that being writing, working with vulnerable youth, and spending more time with family and friends enjoying a slower pace of life. All of my writing is inspired by the people I meet, the conversations I have, and in particular, the stories that people have to tell.


So often these days we are told that the goal in everything that we do in this life, is to be happy. It is all about being happy. But what is happy? How do you know if you are? Is it ok to be happy in a world that seems to be full of sadness? Should you feel guilty for being happy when so many are not?

Or are they happy? But we just perceive them as not being so.

See, that is just the thing. Try as we might to walk a mile in another’s shoes, we never will.

Things will happen to us during our lives that will make us ask questions we never knew existed, and we will never really know what it is like to spend time in another beings mind.

Many of us spend a lot of our time in the gap. The gap between where we are, and where we see ourselves being, that childhood dream that we hold onto day and night, just hoping that someone or something will come along and make it ok.


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