5000 Gauss magnetic Hearts

Sunday, Mar 13, 2016

Crystal Wave has branded a new product
These are Heart shaped magnets rated at 5000 Gauss that resonate at a very low frequency.
Suitable for balancing & assisting bloodflow we have them in Necklace form & 2 piece to use with clothing or bandaging.
Ask for a demo if your in the shop. Price is $24.95

The theory behind using magnets for medicinal purposes stems from the Renaissance period. Believers thought that magnets possessed a living energy and would wear a bracelet or piece of metallic material in the hope of fighting disease and infections or to relieve chronic pain. But with advancements in medicine through the 1800s, it didn’t take long before magnets came to be seen as worthless, even dangerous therapeutic devices.
Magnetic therapy enjoyed resurgence in the 1970s with Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D., who studied the different effects that positive and negative charges have on human biology. Davis claimed that magnetic energy could kill malignant cells, relieve arthritis pain, and even treat infertility.
Today, magnetic products for pain treatment are a multi-billion-dollar industry. But despite another stint in the spotlight, recent studies have determined that evidence is inconclusive.

One reason for this is Big Pharma can’t make money on Magnets. Over the years we’ve had many customers who wouldn’t be without them. I myself have used magnets for healing following bone & muscle trauma. With speedy recovery on each occasion.  As always research research research.

Don’t use magnets as a replacement for proper medical attention, and avoid them if you have a pacemaker or use an insulin pump.

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