The Power is Within You Audio Book

Louise Hay expands on her philosophy of “loving the self” and shows you how to overcome emotional barriers through learning to listen to your inner voice, loving the child within, letting your true feelings out, and much more!
In this inspirational CD program based on her book of the same name (written with Linda Carwin Tomchin), Louise L. Hay assists you in identifying the barriers that you may have set up for yourself – the thoughts and feelings that prevent you from enjoying life, feeling love, and creating physical health – and helps catapult to the next step. By changing your thoughts, or your self-talk, you can tap in to your true power and change your life.

As Louise says, "You are in charge of your life. If you aren’t willing to love yourself today, then you’re not going to love yourself tomorrow, because whatever excuse you have today, you’ll still have in the future."


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