Mel X


My name is Melanie Xavier and I am the newest addition to the Crystal Wave Team.  Thank you for arriving here.  It is time to stand in front of your fear… it’s time for you to find your voice.  I am here to sit with you, guide you, provide safety, nurture and honour you, until you can honour yourself.   When you love yourself enough, you will no longer need things or people, to make yourself feel safe. \

It’s hard not to feel disillusioned with how critical we are on ourselves.  Life can be tough! We are either not attractive enough, not smart enough, not cool enough, not earning enough, not creative enough, not skinny enough, not sexy enough, not doing enough……this constant chatter in our minds, is disconnecting us from our hearts.  This competition we have with ourselves and with one another, the labels we give ourselves…... While we are stuck in this cycle of pain, criticism, shame and fear, the darkness will continue.  My message is simple, you are enough.  

Who is Mel……

The search for who I am began over 15 years ago and has landed me right here.  I wanted my insides to match my outsides. During this time, I explored many modalities including Psychology, Psychotherapy, Buddhism, Body-Centred Therapies, Past life healing, Hypnosis, and have been to my fair share of psychics until finally I landed at Family Therapy.  Phew- that’s a lot! The endless pursuit to find my authentic self….

My labels…..

I am conscious one.  I am a Counsellor who specialises in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice and I will soon be a Clinical Family Therapist.  I am currently studying Graduate Entry Psychology at Flinders University.  My passion is Adolescent and Men’s Mental Health, and it is my dream to travel around Australia working with Indigenous Communities.

I believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that if you don’t deal with your stuff, it will deal with you.  Be brave.

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